This is exactly why I can’t even begin to think that the Design might be “Intelligent”

This shit. Right here. How fucking horrible is that.

you can never be too rich or too thin

you can never be too rich or too thin

No benevolent or even sane designer would create a piece of work like the human body. It’s a fucking mess. There are like leftover pieces and stuff that doesn’t work anymore… stuff that sits in your body and does nothing until one day it might kill you. I see. Well. That makes perfect sense. Thanks for the appendix, God. Like I really need something that might have to be cut out of me one day just because it’s sitting there serving no purpose. Thanks for the great design.

“Oh yeah, this year’s model… the Turbo Lightning. Yeah, she’s a beaut. 0-60 in .05 seconds, 87 miles per gallon highway… yeah, it’s just a great car. Only… one thing. We’ve got this small bundle of rags soaked in kerosene right next to one of the spark plugs which might or might not ignite and blow up your car with you in it unless you get it removed immediately after it’s caught on fire. Yeah. It’s standard from the factory.”


Anyway, these poor kids can’t even ever be touched by the sun once EVER. Or they get cancerous tumors. That’s horrible. I guess I’m glad thay get to play some baseball in the dark.


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