I wonder why I am so cavalier about this…

For some reason, I just find this funny, although in reality it is a person who wants to steal money from me and laugh about it. This just underscores my feeling that the Internet is like the Wild West… the last frontier. You have to watch yourself or you can get fucked over. At least on the internet it usually doesn’t end with a bullet wound, a shot of whiskey, a hacksaw, and a gangrenous leg. Not in my experience anyway…

But check this out:

from Lisa Anderson <lsanderson14@yahoo.com>
to Kevin Norris <xxxxxx@gmail.com>
date Thu, Jul 30, 2009 at 11:51 PM
subject Hello Kevin, more about me (Lisa Roommates)
mailed-by yahoo.com
Hello Kevin,Thanks for getting back to me about the room so fast..I just get online now and i saw your reply about the room. Kevin, I would have loved to come see the room myself but I am not in the state right now.Please the accommodation is really a great priority to me right now and i sincerely look forward to everything been finalized.Well… a little about myself…I am the only child of my late parent…I lost them last three years by an auto crash accident…and i move down to my uncle here in England….My uncle is the only close family i have got for now.So I would have loved to come see the room but i can’t make it down to the state right now, but i am pretty sure you won’t regret having me as you roommate..Cos I am a very dedicated individual who is totally committed to human development, very trustworthy and value relationship above anything..I live by the principle of,”do unto others what you want others to do to you”.And because i love it when people are good to me,i always do all in my power to be good,just to get a reciprocate(smiles).I am quite a laid back person,i am the interesting type.I didn’t drink neither do i smoke and i love pets but i don’t have any that’s why i indicated no pet.I am the neat type.I love visiting new places. I love to swim, read and listen to nice music,I love meeting people I occasionally attend parties ,I love community work, love to be around children too,I am the clean type and I am very friendly.My dad is an American while my mom is from the England…I live in the United State,CA ever since I was born.but I when lost them i move down to my uncle in England to stay there since then I am currently with him now in England.I have been here for a while with him but I am not really comfortable here.I am not use to there ways of life here and I am really coming back to the state asap.I have my own business,I sell textile and fabrics material. As a matter of fact, that is our family business,that is what my parents are into. I promise to pay my rent and any other bills on time.I am very neat and cleaning of the environment won’t be a problem for me.I really want to have a comfortable place upon my arrival. I hope to hear from you again soon… I have tried to attach a picture to this message so as to put a face behind my email.Thanks and god bless, Lisa

Oh, and of course, the pictures:


i always do all in my power to be good


i love it when people are good to me

me and diana

i am not use to there ways of life here

So anyway, of course, this is meant to excite my charitable instincts, to please help this poor girl out who just wants a place to live… I mean, after all, she tries to be good, she likes it when people are good to her, but she is not use to there ways of life here. Maybe I could teach her?

This is all well and good, of course, except that it’s a scam. And by scam I mean they will send you some kind of money order which you will then send them money for some reason (i forget why) and then it turns out the money order is counterfeit and they have your money and you’re stuck with the bill, egg on your face, and no sign of lisa and her botoxed lips anywhere.


It’s just so brazen and obvious. And irritating because I really need a roommate and this is just wasting my time. I’ve gotten five of these so far. All with the same stilted english and spelling mistakes. Though the last girl was a brunette.

So watch yourself out there. People are preying on the stupid (and horny, apparently) and there doesn’t seem to be any way to stop them from at least trying.


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